My nose feels like Velcro.

I am suffering from a cold. It is devastating me. This winter is the worst.
I am trying every holistic concoction to feel better.
Every cocktail of herb and twig to rid me of this malarkey because I must board a plane on Thursday for Houston!
I am going to Mom 2.0 where I will spin round and round in a sea of pals and even speak a bit on "Why Women Are So 2.0". I am really excited to go- I just hope I feel better soon!
Any good ideas?
My nose feels like Velcro.

I also am taking a wee blog break so I can conference and attend to some Little Alouette business and others things. I have some awesome friends coming over to guest post for me for the next week. I know you will love them! (We may have a giveaway I heard! Awesome.)
I will be back refreshed and ready to burst back into my space with lerv.

If you are at MOM 2.0- follow @littlealouette for chances to win TOYS! xoxoxox
I may even have something to share. xoxoxo

photo via loveyourchaos

"Nobody's looking for a puppeteer in today's wintry economic climate."

I fell in love with these kinda freaky masks before the holidays and bought a few to play with and I figured they would eventually hang on the wall. Blaise loves them and is not afraid of them so they are in his room now.

Me and the wee one played around this morning in his room and I aged the photos here.

I love decorating the boys rooms with random stuff. I like the way they look on the walls.

I am off to and I am super excited. I will send ya some love from Boulder tomorrow night. Me and Legs Bell and Greeblemonkey and tons of others will be tearing it up!

title post- Being John Malkovich 1999

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