Sunday Scenes in CBUS

Dad's first day off in weeks!
We went down the the Short North for some scootering
and I had the pleasure of judging at the North Market Cupcake Camp
with these lovely ladies.
I saw old friends there and ate so many lovely cupcakes.
It was a great afternoon.
Me and the boys did a late pub lunch and now everyone is napping.
I love Sundays when they unfold like a favorite movie or feel like first dates with magical men.

i like this funky HDR picnik mode for my photos- it's cool.

PBJ & Jazz – Christian Howes

Thank God for Twitter.
I was unprepared for my day and then I saw Cbusmom twitter
that she was going to PBJ & Jazz and so we met her and tinymantras there.
We saw friends from Finny's school and Allison's family too!
It was one of the best Saturday mornings ever.

PBJ&J at the Lincoln Theatre Complex is an amazing series.
We had the pleasure of hanging out with Christian Howes.
It was a packed house and I enjoyed the music as much as I would have
in a dark club with a martini. (perhaps more)
The energy was gorgeous.

(and yes they do serve Peanut butter and jelly sammies and cookies and juice)

I do not want to ever be an alpaca farmer

The whole day away from work. Soccer, country drives, metro park lunches, and a sweet petting zoo birthday party for two wee ones we love...
Oh and Joe also gifted me with a massage.
It was killer. I needed it. A recharge.
I let go during the massage and my stress dripped from my fingertips like sticky honey.

Also this weekend I discovered that I have a massive fear of Alpacas.

sunday's child will fall through faith

christmas sneak, originally uploaded by turnsharp.

I have been sneaking around today.
Hiding trinkets. Wrapping pressies...
We will later have our 2nd annual Solstice Duel.
I love this time of the year. I love being the holiday sneak.
Where do you hide the loot?
Kiss Kiss


and I purposely won't turn the heating on

All day I have been pretending to be Kate Nash. Finn and I are talking British and I have styled my hair just so and am wearing a frock on a Saturday with my new shoes round the house.
I screwed up a bit with my list and forgot to have the "a whole day without saying NO to my children" day. I have decided that it is quite impossible to do this so instead of no in my normal wretched way I am doing it in a sweet perky British way.

No Darling. No Sweetie.

If Joe wasn't making toys outside in the SNOW (god love him)
he would think us all mad!
But he does think that my British accent is pretty darn good.
I have tricked his family numerous times on the phone.

But anyhoo, how much do you love Kate Nash? I lerv her.

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This one's for you this one's for me/do it in the name of love

I am sad about Paul Newman today.
He was good people.
He gave money away.
He seemed to have led a full rich life.
He was a race car driver and an actor
and hot even in his 80's.
I just loved him.
You know how it goes.
Here's to you Paul.

I am going to repost yesterday:
Please play?

My divine friend Joslyn and I have been chatting for a while now about how we need to make lists that are for our lives and how hard it is to create and sustain that giant "bucket list" over the course of a life, but how it is far more manageable to keep ongoing yearly goals and lists.
After some inspiration from the amazing Hula Seventy, Jos decided to do a list of 34 things before she turns 35 later this year and since I am turning that magical number too I hopped on board too.
These lists are meant to be realistic and in the spirit of being good to yrself.

Simple things. Small things. Meaningful things.

Now here is the fun part:
Please join us in sharing yr lists.
What do you want to do before yr 25 or 43 or 55?
Next month? Next year? How can you make the time to be good to yrself?

Inspire us please?
Share with us by linking to doobleh-vay and simple lovely blogs and posting yr own list.
Leave us a comment that yr participating too.
We will pick one each day next week to share with the world.
And perhaps a little prize at the end too?
Kiss Kiss

1. Go see a movie alone and moderately dressed up.
2. Get a pedicure.
3. Take that ballroom dancing class with Joe.
4. Make Moroccan Chicken again like I used to.
5. Smile more
6. Write a thank you letter once a week to someone.
7. Spend more time off the computer/write in my paper notebook more.
8. Contact three more "out of reach" stores with my product.
9. Join the soup club and rock out with fall soup making.
10. Practice at least five random acts of kindness.
11. Go to a pumpkin patch and not Whole Foods front stoop.
12. Find a way to get Hunter Boots.
13. Entertain again. Scary as it may be- one small party.
14. Write my Love letter for Karey
15. Write a letter to Karey.
16. Organize my writings and office.
17. Bake a seasonal pie.
18. Have a milk bath.
19. Query three more magazines.
20. Go to the read to yr baby festival in town.
21. Make Mr. Kelly from the Hardware Store some cookies.
22. Go to this bakery more.
23. Teach the boys a new song.
24. Read a chapter book to them and not skip pages or make up random narrative about main character shopping for Prada handbags.
25. Get serious about handmade holiday.
26. Make Joe giggle.
27. Make more phone calls and write more letters to those I care about.
28. Visit our land in Athens and stop and get a Cafe D'Orlean's Coffee.
29. Watch the Carry On movies with Joe.
30. Go a whole day without saying no to my children.
31. Go a whole day saying no to all adults if I please.
32. Get a writing schedule on a paper and tack it onto the wall.
33. Get a check-up.
34. Walk to the Firehouse with the boys again and stop at Cottage Candy on wander home.
Please visit my review blog for some Monkey Love:

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Been walking my mind to an easy time my back turned towards the sun

A night out for Michelle's birthday. Lots of chatting, drinking, and dancing. A great night. We went to a random kind of strip mall pub to see a band we all know and although it was not the type of bar I would have picked- it was fun.

The crowd was wicked diverse and unrattled from the heat of the summer evening. If anything, I think folks were loving the sweltering weather as the bare legs were in show and most people were drinking cold cold beers.

I danced without one care. I think sometimes even in the middle of like yr most favorite song, even when you might be so transported away- you realize that you are dancing in front of others and panic comes. The moment were you forget how to dance, much like if you think too hard about going down steps you might fall over from brain synapse screwball firings or something.

But that didn't happen last night.
I was a dancing queen.

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Every day I wake up and it's Sunday

Me and Blaise took off for a bit yesterday and hit the thrift store. I had been itching to go thrifting for couple weeks. Score. I found a brand new Bialetti espresso stove top machine! I am enjoying java now before the boys really wake. They are with me downstairs as Joe sleeps still, but they are yet to fully rouse.
They are in that precious ten minutes of weekend morning just awake- a kinda place where I guess they are still groggy and processing dreams and thinking about last night. It is a quiet place.

We worked with some dye yesterday for a gift for a new baby in the neighborhood. We took some old white stained clothes and they are now reborn. I think recycling and hand me downing can be a great way to welcome new kiddos. I feel just as confident taking over a little basket of hand me downs as I would a gift from Target. I actually feel better.

****Clearance Sale over at old shop here. Please check it out. One teether left at sale price. I am moving everything to little alouette. Merci. :)

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You say you hunger for something you can't name at all

If it wasn't enough to love yr neighborhood for the folks and the village charm it sure rocks the casbah to have neighbors with a zip line!
They are an amazing homeschooling family and have offered up resources and help if I were to decide to home school Finnian for Kindergarten next year. Wow.

The world has so much kindness in it if you just open your palm & receive.

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When you're standing on the edge of nowhere/There's only one way up

We did the whole big fair thing today with my mom. The fair is a vital part of my past. I grew up in a town so rural that we were actually released from school for such things as Fair Day and Hunting Day. Seriously.

Anyhoo, I love the dirt of the midway and the colors of the fun. We had a blast and although as beat down haggard as I am now it was so very worth it. The most inspiring part of my day came from a very unlikely spot. We watched a magic show under a pavilion to catch a bit of relief from the heat.

The magician (who was very good) told us a bit of a story at the end of how people said he would never make a living following his passion. He spoke of how people said he was foolish to pull cards from thin air and expect a real life. He gave everyone in the audience a tremendous amount of hope in the flourish of his tricks and the obvious authentic joy he had from performing. He spoke to us and told us to follow our passion because it can work. His family at the bottom of the stage who had a table full of his magic tricks and toys for purchase beamed up at him. It probably isn't simple to a magician. It is most likely tough, but it is just like being a painter or a writer or a dancer. It is reaching down so far until that rabbit becomes real. Until you can grab him...

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In that tenderness I am floating away

We let the boy stay up late last night. We are pretty strict about our 7:30 bedtime round these parts, but there was something about the heat of the day and how it slithered into a remarkable evening that loosened me.

There was something about how patient he had been with mom and dad working all day at home. There was a good vibe and so we told him he could stay up to see the lightening bugs and stars. He fully appreciated it.

The fireflies were magical and his mouth formed perfect circles and his eyes were so very wide. Although it broke my heart that he could not remember last year's bugs.
These are amazing he said.
It also broke my heart that I have discovered he cannot remember our old house.
His old room. The place we started.
Were you really so little only last year Finn?

He could hardly brush his teeth or make it to his bed fast enough and he cried and cried simply because he was exhausted, but I didn't feel too bad about jacking up his circadian rhythm. He had a sparkly time, a perfect shiny night this summer. And I was a mama magpie swooping down and taking that glimmering moment and tucking it safe in my mind- safekeeping a memory for all of us.

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But here in my heart I give you the best of my love

A Farmer Market Morning with just Blaise...

I have been searching the file folder in my mind for this flash fiction piece I read once and loved. It had been in this book and it had been this little gem:

The Paring Knife by Michael Oppenheimer

I found a knife under the refrigerator while the woman I love and I were cleaning our house. It was a small paring knife that we lost many years before and had forgotten about. I showed the knife to the woman I love and she said, "Oh. Where did you find it?" After I told her, she put the knife on the table and then went into the next room and continued to clean. While I cleaned the kitchen floor, I remembered something that happened four years before that explained how the knife had gotten under the refrigerator.

We had eaten a large dinner and had drunk many glasses of wine. We turned all the lights out, took our clothing off, and went to bed. We thought we would make love, but something happened and we had an argument while making love. We had never experienced such a thing. We both became extremely angry. I said some very hurtful things to the woman I love. She kicked at me in bed and I got out and went into the kitchen. I fumbled for a chair and sat down. I wanted to rest my arms on the table and then rest my head in my arms, but I felt the dirty dishes on the table and they were in the way. I became incensed. I swept everything that was on the table onto the floor. The noise was tremendous, but then the room was very quiet and I suddenly felt sad. I thought I had destroyed everything. I began to cry. The woman I love came into the kitchen and asked if I was all right. I said, "Yes." She turned the light on and we looked at the kitchen floor. Nothing much was broken, but the floor was very messy. We both laughed and then went back to bed and made love. The next morning we cleaned up the mess, but obviously overlooked the knife.

I was about to ask the woman I love if she remembered that incident when she came in from the next room and without saying a word, picked up the knife from the table and slid it back under the refrigerator.

God- I just love that piece!

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Show 'em how we do it

Making butter is so simple and fun!
Finn, Blaise, and pal Jack spent some time making butter this weekend and it was a huge success!
I had no idea that you could pour heavy whipping cream in a container with a lid and shake it for 20 minutes and butter would form!!!!
(And I am from Appalachia! )
I was delighted!
Seriously- need a break?
(Make butter-They have to shake for about 20 minutes to form the butter ball!)
It was awesome!
Check out a video clip of the shake shake here!
I just sat back and lounged a bit on the couch while they went crazy with shaking!
After the butter ball forms (and it is like so cool to see that!) simply drain off the liquid (buttermilk) and run cold water over the ball in the jar until the water runs clear and then pop in the fridge for a wonderful treat!
We had butter and crackers and juice and the whole table was pleased!

Lookin' for adventure/In whatever comes our way

We watched Jack for the day while his parents attended a wedding and our very prego pal Kate and her son also popped over for an impromptu 8 hour play date. Boys are so awesome. I really am so happy that I have two. I like the way boys play. I like the way they work things out pretty quickly nowadays and how grudges do not exist yet. I like how they love each other so fiercely and wrestling is paramount to the day. How fast till they are men? Quickly I fear.

I read this poem the other day and shivered:

My Son the Man

by Sharon Olds

Suddenly his shoulders get a lot wider,
the way Houdini would expand his body
while people were putting him in chains. It seems
no time since I would help him to put on his sleeper,
guide his calves into the gold interior,
zip him up and toss him up and
catch his weight. I cannot imagine him
no longer a child, and I know I must get ready,
get over my fear of men now my son
is going to be one. This was not
what I had in mind when he pressed up through me like a
sealed trunk through the ice of the Hudson,
snapped the padlock, unsnaked the chains,
and appeared in my arms. Now he looks at me
the way Houdini studied a box
to learn the way out, then smiled and let himself be manacled

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According to all sources, the street's the place to go

More from a day of rain and Prideparade and Comfest. I was a bit sad about the storm that messed up my tent and ruined a few things, but after it was all washed away the evening unfolded just perfectly. No one but myself was surly I noticed, so I had to knock it off. There is so much positive energy in this community festival that you simply must assimilate or you might melt into a pool like the wicked witch if you stay sour. I let it go and had an amazing night with friends and family. Joe drank many beers and I have not seen him so relaxed and carefree for a bit. Back to real life tomorrow. xo

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I Can Go for Miles if You Know What I Mean

Today is the first day of the festival where Little Alouette will have a booth. I am excited and terrified. I hope the energy is wonderful and I hope the folks like our wares. I will pretty much suck at posting until Monday, but after some rest on Monday I will be back with full force! Yahoo!

1. DSC04778, 2. Comfest 07, 3. Comfest says bike, dont drive, 4. Comfest-ers, 5. DSC07143_2, 6. Comfest 2007 Pride Parade

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