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I think I was suffering from some sort of depression from finishing five seasons of The Wire on DVD in less than a month. I love that show. I would burn my eyeballs and watch it late at night. I am rating this show right up there with Six Feet Under. It is on my laminated list of shows that I like to make love to.
Today kinda rocked though- and pulled me from the post traumatic stress of missing McNulty.
We won the etsy baby shower gift contest and we were interviewed for a local newspaper article about our wood toys.
Yeah, the work is hard but super sweet.
I think it is kinda cool that our boys are growing up in a house where they can learn a trade if they like. Sure they can rock it at college and I hope they do- but they can also move to some cool small town and be the hot carpenter perhaps.
They can carve out magic of their own.

with you I've found the key/to open any door

I can't stop creating lately. I am filled with ideas for the holidays already. Like these cool key hangers I am making. I used the old skeleton key from my first home's bedroom for the pattern. I am thinking some of them are going to be maple and finished with oils and some are going to be cool colors. It will have three small silver hooks down the key for hanging keys. It will hang beside the door. I love it!

The key looks like home to me. I remember when we toured that 100 year old house in the university district five years back. There was not much more than good bones to work with, but as I reached the top of the steep staircase I saw the shiny silver skeleton key sticking from the gorgeous vintage hardware. I knew I was home. It was our bedroom. The key never came out of the lock until the day we sold the home and moved out. It now lives on a cool vintage chain around my neck. It is a reminder of a time that will never again be able to be recreated. A time frozen in bliss where we created our first real home and a fat baby named Finnian brought Joseph and I closer together that we ever believed two souls could be. The key to somewhere like Brigadoon in my heart.

I wear it pretty often that key. I think I have decided it to be my signature piece. I remember in San Fran at Blogher that I wore it to the ultra chic Maggie Mason's party. Like Duh. The theme was keys. They had a key tree and everyone had them round their necks. I walked in and started noticing it immediately. I felt like the girl who practiced what she would look like kissing in the mirror or the one person who comes dressed completely head to toe in 80's regalia to a party marked as such but no one really bothered or something like that. Oh well. I still love my key even if it becomes very chic to tie one on. And I am still bummed that I never got a key from that party bc I didn't want peeps thinking I was greedy! :)
Now if this just helps me to keep track of my keys all will be good.

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Im looking for the tower of learning

I have a zit the size of Texas on my face, Joe and I quarreled last night, and things are just not working out for me in some big ways... Yet- then there are lovely little moments like this:

We are in the amazing Australian magazine LMNOP this month. !!!

It makes me so happy. I love LMNOP! It is an amazing publication. Go check it out!

And don't forget- I do not have a winner for the small magazine contest yet- please play HERE.

We also made lovely little toy this weekend.

The Maple Bowler Hat Man Weights and Balance Toy!

You can find the Bowler Man in the shop! :)